Vastu Results | When Can I Expect Vastu Results After Implementing Corrections

How long does it normally take to observe Vastu Results?

This question can't get an Omnibus answer. Generally, residents have to wait at least 15 months time. Uttarayana 6 months and Dakshinayana 6 months, these two periods should pass in that new property, and thereafter at least residents have to give a minimum of 3 months time. So overall it takes 15 months. There could be several factors that may be the reason, including:

1. The Nature of the corrections.

2. How long the inhabitants were in the previous environment (old house).

3. How long the previous environment was existing even before the present residents have moved in.

4. In what environment the present residents were and for how long prior to coming to the present property.

First, the malefic effects of previous conditions have to be moderated and then benevolent effects of the present environment flow in. This process takes time.

One should never expect immediate results because the changes that occur in the residence consequent to corrections take time to percolate, the resurrection of the property may generally take time to regenerate its power to the residents. It needs time to bring positive powers to the inhabitants.

For sudden changes would give a shock and this is against nature. The factors influencing the introduction of changes are far too many to mention. However, some of the prominent causes are:

1. How long the previous environment was prevalent on the property.

2. For how long the present residents have been living prior to the corrections.

3. For how long the present residents were living in some other properties before coming here and what was the Vastu influence of that property on the residents.

The longer the vastu influences are occurring the deeper are the effects on the residents. It will take a long time for the residents to get rid of the influence even after changing the residences or modifying the Vastu Effects on the existing environment building, which is the prime factor.

One should understand in most cases people complain that things have not improved, we don't agree with this understanding.

The previous influences on the residents take a long time to be modified. The positive influences on the atmosphere would also take considerable time.

What happens is that the malevolent effects causing downhill environments are arrested which means further downfall and its consequence malevolent effect are prevented from manifestation.

This the residents would not understand, one should understand the damage done earlier cannot be eradicated further damage can only be prevented (for example an accident victim is bought to hospital, the doctors remove the organs damaged and save the life, we cannot blame the doctor for having removed the organs, you must thank him for saving the life, here life is important not one organ of a body).

As such the moment you see the arrest of deterioration of the condition you must understand that the remedial measure suggested by the Vastu expert have indeed done their job. You should not expect to undo the damages you have incurred.

As a short answer to know the instant information then, the results or outcome benefits may observe within one year from the date of the last correction completely done at home/factory/shop. In some cases, it may take some more time say about two years. But this would be the maximum time.

Most of the cases we may expect Vastu Results one year. Some stances show that in some places residents experienced importunate results, in some cases some properties may have an auspicious street focus or more open space towards North, East or Northeast or some other Vaastu supportive effects, etc.

You are aware that, a year was divided into two periods like Uttarayana and Dakshinayana, each period shares 6 months in a year. In some instances, we may observe Vastu results within 7 or 8 months. The period of time in expecting Vasthu results may vary based on various aspects.

We tried our level best to explain those instances below. The experimental venture is that we cannot predict the exact accurate period/time when residents experienced the results after doing the corrections, while in our observations we saw most of the cases, the experienced results were being seen within one year. You are advised to read the below description content.

Thought of the subject

Commencing the narration of this subject branch, we should first check this list.

1. Period of stay.

2. Is residents changed/migrated the property or they were continuously staying there?

3. Do they make any corrections to the property as per Vastu.

4. What are the results they were experienced in that property.

5. Period of badness and period of goodness record is useful for the consultancy.

6. How many people living in the property, permanent and temporary like guests or students studying in other towns or cities.

7. What is the business/profession/employment of the residents?

8. Sometimes residents doing wrong businesses like unlawful activities, running those such ....... homes, liquor shops, mafia, hooligan collections, etc.

In such cases getting good results may be very tough and takes a long time because negative strength will be in higher levels and particularly corrections as per Vastu may bring them adverse results if these people are intelligent, then they should wait for a long period to have peace in their homes corrected as per Vastu.

Its natural that throwing negative power and occupying positive power may take time in their properties.

In some cases these kinds of residents may get bad results in short term. This may be a common feature in Vastu. The twist is only the expert Vastu consultant can catch that point.

9. In some homes residents suffering from very bad results and sometimes unsolvable problems were also detected, it may also tough to get good results in prescribed time after corrections, but in long run, residents will get good results through vastu corrections.

10. Those who are doing right businesses can expect good results for their problems within a short period because negativity strength is in lower levels there as they are doing the right businesses.

11. Surroundings effects/impact on the property. Where the property was built, in city/town or outskirts etc observation is too important.

Some questions raised by the residents are :

When can we expect Vastu results?

How much time it takes to get good results after doing vastu corrections?

How much period of time takes to get results after property alterations?

4 months back we did alterations to our properties, still I am not seeing changes?

Why we are not getting Vastu Shastra Results after done the corrections three months back?

Many residents asking these questions to many expert vastu consultants. A real expert would study the property like a hawk and would want to hear good news from the residents.

Please note that here we are clearly pointing about only the Vastu Experts or Vastu Specialist, not the quacks in the market.

Once the Vastu consultancy service is over, the said Vastu Specialist has put 1000 eyes on that property and eager to hear good news from residents.

Unfortunately, most of the inhabitants are not well co-operating with Vastu pandits. In our experiences and discussions with many vasthu experts, we came to understand that majority of residents never completing the alterations which the Vastu expert explained to them in their visit.

Unnecessarily we are not pointing the residents here. Because many people may have many problems in doing corrections to their properties. Only a few may hold back to a later time about the corrections. Its their fate.

One should be noted a point here that Vastu specialist may advise doing some corrections to residents properties in his visit but he never stay there up to the completion of the corrections which he suggests, how can he stay there for few days. Its not possible to any outstation vastu experts.

Once an expert vasthu consultant reaches to residents properties, he wishes to observe the entire property and calculating to explain where the problem is arising and how to fix the correction to solve the problem.

Vastu expert is particularly planning for the good evaluation and haul the results asap, he never leaves a single opportunity in getting results from the property and always likes to explaining entire corrections to the residents. Here we have to observe some painful things with residents, they are . . . .

1. Attention

Unfortunately, most of the residents never pay attention when expert Vastu consultant explaining the corrections for their properties.

They may be busy with their phone calls or messages or chatting with other friends or with their business people etc.

Some residents wasting time by asking unnecessary and unrelated questions. With the unnecessary questions the logic of the vastu consultants some times may fail and they may not come back to the relevant subject again which he tries to explain to inhabitants.

Generally, Vastu experts reaches the home and started to do the work, they will be very serious on the works, so make the climate very peaceful and well co-operative to the Vastu expert. He came to your property only to solve your problems, so he should not be disturbed.

First, let him take some rest say about 10 to 15 minutes. Have some coffee or tea or some fruit juice etc.

Offer them something and talk on some other common matters which humans are facing so the climate will be relaxed and flexible there to locate the problems in the property if you are co-operating then heavy stress load feeling will be released and relaxation starts to commence the work successfully.

2. The Environment should be peaceful

This is the most important point when vasthu consultant visits your place. Residents should strictly maintain that other than family members all of the other people (neighbors, friends, outside people etc) has to leave that property upto completion of Vastu consultancy.

If any family person or female members may go outside for any other work, then its best to wait for them to start the discussion on the corrections and asking the doubts or with their permission you may start chatting with a consultant.

Here climate means not the weather, entire premises should be peaceful without any other disturbances. If residents close friends were there at the time of vasthu consultancy, its better to request them gently to leave the premises or request them not to disturb the situation.

We understand this is tough to request them. So residents may manage the situation with their intelligent ideas. Please re-think, why you called a vasthu expert to your home, you are looking to have good results and turn in your life.

If so, when vastu expert came to your property, if he is continuously disturbed by others, how can he concentrate on the subject/property.

If your guests or friends or relative may ask the questions, he should respond to them, otherwise they/you may feel or the residents who called may think that vastu consultant does not know the answer, all these things may be played negative role and impact on your property vasthu consultation.

Vastu Guru may be staying at your home for 30 minutes or 1 hour or 4 hours or one day as per your both contract or property plinth area, time is very valuable so he should not be disturbed and maintain maximum peace there.

If the climate is well suitable then he will get good ideas and overall it leads to residents success. If he is disturbed means, its nothing but residents lost their consultancy money and future.

So before consulting vastu expert, better to maintain high standards in getting good results from your property, the burden is not only on vasthu consultant, its your turn to make the place so peaceful and made everything success.

3. List out the Doubts

Residents should list out all their doubts before vastu consultant visit your premises. If you were not prepared, you may be the loser. You may not remember all the doubts which you would like to ask your consultant.

So best to write down all of your doubts before Vastu Guru visiting your property. This is the best practice and appreciated the procedure. By following this method, you may gain many things.

4. Negative Results After doing the corrections

Some times negative results may also appears once resident completed the exact alterations as prescribed by his interested expert vastu consultant.

Why these negative results appears? read this story, Mr. Padmanabham, is a resident of Hyderabad and he is used to take 30 cigarettes per day from past 20 years and the same system is continued.

One day his wife taken him to one famous doctor to cure/come out of his bad habit, doctor given medicine and within one week he was not taken even one cigarette and Mr. Padmanabham died there after within 10 days. Let us come to final argument point. What is the fact here.

He was died due to stop the bad habit or his past 20 years of cigarette consuming habit, which played here to take his soul. The answer is simple.

Already his health was totally spoiled and at any time he may die, the bad luck is he was taken the medicine in his final stage, this is not at all the cause here to take his death. Doctor prescribed a good medicine, the only discussion point here is the span of consuming cigarettes, i.e., from past 20 years.

This is a great mistake or wrong thing that he continued cigarettes from the past 20 years. Does everybody died if they are consuming cigarettes within one or two years, no? Everything requires a time of action.

Why we discussed this point here? The same principle may also applicable here.

Time is most important here. If a resident lives in a property from past 2 months, then no need to worry to do the corrections, if a resident living from past 2 years, then we should be careful before doing the corrections, at the time of corrections or after the corrections some times residents may feel bad results, so they should be prepared for such negative effects.

If residents living from past 5 years, they should be very careful, if the residents living from past 7/8/9 years they should be cautious and very careful.

Here time plays a vital role. The maximum number of expert vastu consultants first asking the residents that from how many years they are staying in their properties. This is natural and related question. Be honest with vastu consultant. Don't hide facts, be bold with the vastu expert, generally, all vastu experts are too honest in maintaining secrets of their client residents. Hence, select only the reputed & honest vastu consultant.

We strongly request every resident here is first choose an expert Vastu Guru for your properties. Then share of your entire past life information to him, its most informative to him in his consultancy.

Generally, vastu experts never reveal the secrets of the residents, reputed Vastu experts maintain secrets, the cheap Vaasthu consultants may cash such situations, so best to select only the experts and honest consultants in this field.

At any cost don't approach the quacks. Generally quacks fee is very cheap, so don't attract with their cheap prices. Later residents will be suffering from their character and Vastu Tips.

If one resident is living in a bad vastu property from more than 7 or 8 years then the negative impression power will be more on him or on his family members.

If they found negative power (negative results) in their home, its better to make it right or should do the correction with the help of one vastu consultant. Let us thought about with some idea.

Ranganath is living in a House which has Southern Southwest street focus and water sump towards Southwest part. The Home is constructed on the boundaries of North and East walls and leaving open space towards South and West. Their kitchen is towards Northeast and their bedroom is in Northwest direction. The slanting veranda is towards South.

Now discussion about the period of results from this House:

Within one year they may get bad results or very good results, its not typing mistake (typo), its true. This property may pick them to very good position for some period and there after it will drag them into below-ground levels. At this moment, we may do Vastu Corrections, but should inform them about negative results after doing the vastu corrections.

Within three years, if they are not getting any bad results, it means they may get bad results very soon. At this time also can do vastu corrections but should be very careful.

Within 5 years they experience the power of vasthu shastra, because they may seen very bad results in that property, within this 5 years they did not seen any bad results, it means at any time they will see the bad results, at this moment doing the corrections are also challenging.

Because already poison/negative force entered, so we can't through it easily without hitting the residents. If nothing bad happened there within 5 years even, doing vastu corrections may not be recommended, because anything maybe happens after doing the corrections.

Then what is the solution here, first start doing the corrections after clearly informing them about the situation of future. If they likes to start the consultancy then may recommend the corrections.

Here residents should be very very careful at the time of corrections and after the corrections also. How much time they has to wait for start the cure here. The answer is they should be atleast wait for 8 months, if nothing bad happened then it was all OK. Slowly they will experience the positive power in their properties.

Living in a bad vastu property for more than 10 years they may clearly knows what is the power of nature and Vastu.

Within 15 years there may not be possible to do corrections, that much of badness filled in that home, or they may already experienced very bad results.

In the event that Mr. Ranganath realize the vastu science technology as well as want to perform modifications to the property after five years then he SHOULD be exceptionally cautious in terms of awful results or poor outcome heavy stroke.

The negative power may reach cupola height and difficult to do corrections. The family members should be ready to face some bad results in middle of the corrections or after the modifications.

Here one new question arises that after doing the corrections when can we anticipate the good outcomes or even vanishing of the negative power from that house. It depends upon the quantity of the amount of the negative power in that residence which it was stored from past many years.

Each and every resident including Vastu Consultant who visited the property eagerly waiting for the results visible in the property after corrections completed. Its natural and not a evil thought. Nature is a great aspiration.

Nature is an extraordinary desire. In the event that you are corrosively gotten the force of the nature, it may go long, in the event that you are not considering the results, it will thumb your entryway.

One should have patience to receive good results. Once residents done the corrections to a property then its best to forget about the results, one should not always think on vastu results, this could not be the right here. Just forget about it then it will be before you.

If one is always think on it, then it disappears. The tenet of Nature always be like this way.

Fortunately, some times results may be visible within 3 months (many residents have experienced), but this may not be prominent in all cases. Let us discuss on this.

If a property is having Northeast street focus and their home main entrance is towards Eastern Southeast and having water storage sump towards Southwest and having another utility door towards Southern Southwest, at this moment if we done corrections like this way.

Changing the Eastern southeast door towards Eastern Northeast door, closing the Southwest water storage sump and also closing the Southern Southwest door and make it as Southern Southeast door, then residents may get early results, it happens only because of Northeast road thrust.

Here please note that we are discussing about partial surroundings effects on the property, not detailed.

Here exactly the quacks plays their games with residents, they make false promises to residents and earning their wish money and ran away from the sector.

We urge all vastu consultants in India and abroad to say about the exact period of results after modifications done. We welcome each and every vastu specialist all over India to participate with their experiences.

Come and share your knowledge here, we all wish to make this science more familiar and useful to our society.

Our final cherished desire is people should be happy and society should be peaceful. (Here society means all over the world.).

Any Dues Pending to the Vastu Experts

Our prayers to all residents is, please clear all dues to the vaasthu experts. At any cost don't pending to clear their dues. If so, residents will surely get some stroke like losses in their businesses, health regard issues, troubles in the family, getting troubles with others and may have quarrels in the home, Job loss, money loss, opportunity loss, health loss, etc. Not sure, everywhere this happened, but we observed several cases. Hence, first, clear the dues if there is any to the Vasthu experts. Please note that many times Vastu people hesitate to ask about their service charges, here the residents should first check this and clear their dues.

Don't be late in this regard at anycost.

We found some cases, that some residents lost more than 50 times and more than 100 times loss when they not clear the dues to the experts. Be honest in this regard. The remaining is your discretion. Further, it is clear that all experts honestly working for residents' welfare. Dharma is supreme here, respect Dharma, it respects you.

Sometimes, your consultant not raising their service charges due to many reasons, this may not their mistake or your mistake, please note it immediately and clear their dues if there is any.

Time Pass Promises to Consultants - Most Dangerous

Don't promise anything to the consultant for future benefits or drag their free services or additional services, if you already given the promise, then do it without delay whether you are good or bad in your profession, business. Remember, the majority of rich people, highly educated people never deliver baseless promises to the experts for tiny benefits. They are very strict in delivering every word. If a resident delivered any promise and did not stand on that, they may experience hard times in their life.

Examples Wise We Will Discuss Vastu Results:

1. Sudhakar who hails from a poor family and started his carrier in Mumbai and he falls into the Mafia trap and he went to that way to earn money and constructed a beautiful bungalow, the structure was built by earnings from unlawful activities.

Later his bad time starts and his position fell down to the starting levels. At that time he wish to show his property to one vastu consultant. We may be thrilled after observing his home as his home was built with vastu principles, then why he suffers negative impacts. What is the cause.

Its only because the perfect vastu helps only to the people walk on the way of a system which is right of the land. So here Sudhakar has to do some wrong vastu corrections in that home, they may helps him to grow better for certain period, generally wrong corrections may helpful for wrong businesses.

How funny it is?, but it may be fact in some cases. Generally vastu brings residents peace. Here Sudhakar was on the way to earn money in wrong methods, so wrong vastu corrections may helps him to grow better. Good vastu corrections may not helps him.

Here the final conclusion is, the good vastu treatment corrections to this property may takes very long time to work, because to change the unlawful mentality person may not be easier to fix in single attempt, it will try to handle the situation and will work on them with several ways.

More time/days passed after good vastu corrections, means, then it will have more power to work on them.

Anyway Sudhakar will get a terrible stroke by vasthu before changing his mentality, otherwise, he won't come to good way. For example, if we ask our friend or relative to stop smoking, he never listens, if he gets heart attack, after words, he never dare to smoke.

Like wise, this system of vasthu may act like this way, it uses many ways to change the resident's position to set them right and tries to bring reputation in the society, health-wise, power-wise and money-wise it works on specific property, but it may take time.

2. Narayanamurthy, an engineer in the irrigation department, constructed a home with Vastu principles suggested by an expert Vastu specialist, he can expect gains at any time.

Not required long time as discussed above with Sudhakar matter. No need to wait for long days for expecting results.

Why! it's simple he traveling on the right way, so nothing was obstructed his way for the development, vastu does not require more resources to set him right. It does not require many ways to develop him.

3. Niranjan, a software engineer is daily consuming liquor, due to his bad habit entire his family spoils their bright future, his wife quarrel with him many times and tries all ways to stop the bad habit. He never stops drinking, more over he increases the quantity of his own choice.

Later his wife showed their property with one Vastu specialist and done the corrections, after passing some days, Niranjan met with some serious health problems, it leads to hospitalization for a period of one week, it makes him new thoughts and he terrorized and was not taken liquor again.

Here vastu shocks him/his family with his sudden health problems and hospitalized, otherwise, he never listens to any body requests and never seen cries of his family members.

Here vastu makes him hospitalized and made him to listen, finally what happens, saved the entire family. Within how many days it works with Niranjan family?, based on his consumption habit period.

If he was consuming from the past 20 years, then it takes a long time or some times a short time to work on it. If he was used to taking only from the past 2 years, then vastu takes a short time to work on it.

For long time-consuming liquor personalities, there is happens that the adverse results may also appear, so residents should carefully listen vastu experts advises on his visit, if they will themselves taking their decision then they may kerflooey their life.

4. Mohit a business person constructed a home having Northeast-east facing. But his home has Southeast-east main entrance door, later he got troubled with many negative results, suppose if he consulted one expert vastu specialist, after doing the corrections, he will get good results within a very short period, how?, its simple his home has one of the best support of surrounding i.e., Northeast-east street focus. Based on several things, vastu also takes long periods and short periods to work.

5. Some residents may get negative results within one or two days after doing the vastu corrections, and they thought to be the corrections might wrong. But its not like that.

From past so many days they were living in the erroneous placements, after coming out from the awry placements some times residents may get negative results, this is a common thing in Vastu.

If the negative results may he heavier, then we should think about how much improper placements they were been lived from past so many years/months/days, etc.

Some times residents get very good results within one or two days after doing the corrections, don't believe that they are permanent results.

Logic is same, vastu never works on an urgent basis. Minimum it starts working at least 21 days to evaluate the premises and people walking/sleeping/cooking there.

6. 90% residents never do the exact vasthu corrections to their properties after consultation, 99% residents never do the exact vastu corrections after taken consultation over online.

Yes its true!, that is why people blame Vastu, their statement is amiss. Searching for free vastu consultancy or looking cheap vaasthu consultants and getting their recommendations and doing corrections and finally getting fluff consequences.

Its their fate. The fact is that most of the companies nowadays showing FREE on their products in India, you may also observe on many items in a supermarket, most of the items may have FREE on the wrapper.

How companies providing FREE without getting an extra amount for that item. Just think on this. This is only gimmick, attracting the public, other than that what is there behind this FREE.

How companies can provide FREE to people without getting more money. They will builtin that FREE item price in the original price and selling the things by fixing FREE. Please note that nothing will be FREE in this world, except mother's/parent's love.

What happens to Jagannath:

Jagannath, owner for one factory producing pharmaceutical tablets, locally its called medicine factory which was constructed in a 1-acre land. He wishes to extend the laboratory, he searched for vaasthu consultant who claims to be taking a cheap fee.

He got one consultant immediately for an amount of only 1001/- INR, that vastu consultant reached the factory and seen the lab area and suggested one "Mathsya yantra", its cost about 50,000 rupees, being highly educated, he fell into his trap nicely and given the entire money on spot as his position is so rich and maintaining Mercedes Benz car. After doing the corrections within 8 months, he met with many serious problems, that some may not be easily solvable.

Overall he lost approximately above one crore rupees.

Its not a story or fiction, it was happening in Mumbai city. He understood that he made a mistake. Would like to overhaul the extension of the lab.

He contacted the same vastu consultant and requested him to verify debunk. He came again and asked to put one "Aaakarshana Yantra" in front of the factory for a discounted price of only Rs.20,000/-.

Immediately Jagannath understands his artifice and thrown him away and get one expert vastu consultant, this time he never checks his fee.

Later Jagannath Mehta understands what was he committed a mistake by approaching cheap vasthu consultant. He finally solves his problems and stands in the market with using his all resources and spending money to rectify the lab extension mistakes.

Jagannath finally says that one should not approach quacks in the market, their costs always be very less to attract the gullible public and thereafter inhaling entire residents stamina. Salute to some vastu specialists who really serving the society with a minimal amount. God Bless them.

Searching is critical to find out such honest and serving consultants. They are very few in number. How to find out the quacks, generally they charge a very lesser fee, wantonly blaming other vastu consultants in all of their talks. Simple to trace them.

How to find the experts, its simple they will have a very good reputation, they charge heavier money, they cannot easily available (some times), most of the vastu experts asking flight booking and reputed chain hotels for their stay.

They never blame other vastu consultants, all of their charges may be below of 0.01% of your earnings, not of your assets.

At first, their fee may be costlier, when compared with other losses, issues, and expenditures, after getting the results finally their prices seem to be most cheaper because they are providing very good results.

Experts always maintaining standards, honestly, they looking for their client's prosperity and luck. This is a simple technique to find out who is best in the market.

7. Doing partial corrections:

This is almost blunder, many inhabitants are practicing such methods for their homes. In such cases they should not expect good results. They should complete the vastu corrections then only wait for the results. Please note that more than 99% properties provides good results after doing the corrections as prescribed by an expert vastu consultant. Its true, otherwise how this vastu science is so familiar and supported by people, kind regards and respects from centuries back.

8. Tough to get results through online consultancy:

Really its a challenge to get good results through online, but most of the times residents will get maximum changes in their life by doing online corrections perfectly. You are aware that how can a specialist understands everything online. Its always challenge and adventure.

That is why most of the vaasthu consultants never have the interest to do online consultation in India while coming to vastu consultation in other countries, there is no scope to visit all countries, while in terms of visa permissions, accommodation, arrangements and flight charges, all is not easier to accomplish by residents.

There is no way, so residents SHOULD co-operate to the Vastu Guru to arrange as much as possible the best information. One should not blame online vastu consultancy, its not a substitute for personal consultancy.

If you really and seriously looking change in your life then first search for an expert vastu consultant and ask him to visit your living country. Don't compromise.

Some greedy people always look for cheaper vasthu consultancy and lost their hard earnings. Somebody stoops even for a single dollar. The curse is the only and final destiny for them.

The intelligent people never look at the expenditures, vastu consultancy payments and other things, they are looking only results, that is why they are standing as a leader in the society.

Most of the cases even in online vastu consultancy also, residents never do exact corrections, many do partial corrections or amendments of the recommendations and blaming vastu consultants.

Its not the way to follow such a system. First serious on your property, talk with vastu consultant and observe the changes he suggested, think on them and evaluate the expenditure and feasibility, once all is well, then do them, you will get results, yes its sure that you will expect results in that property in a short time., you are aware that some times adverse results may also appear, to know why it was doing like this way, please read the entire article patiently.

First, look into the checklist, have you paid full payment to vastu consultant or you made only partial payments only.

First, pay full money to the vastu consultant, one should not owe to the vastu consultants, its not correct method. Immediately clear off the payment to him. One should not a debt to a Vasthu Specialist. Its dangerous to the residents.

Did you done the exact corrections as prescribed by a Vastu Stapathi, are you sure what he suggested. Recheck everything, slowly observe one by one, double confirm the corrections as prescribed. Sleeping, walking, cooking, studying, going out, coming in, prayers, bath, check one by one thoroughly.

9. Respect Elders To Get Their Blessings

Respect your parents, God, Guru, this may not belong to bastu, but its true. One should not forget their parents, God, Guru. Where high respects bound to above three, there should be happiness, luck, money, health, education, reputation in the society. Its true and proved many times.

Their granary will always be filled with. Also, respect your vastu specialist, he came from long distance and wish to do something good to you, so give him respect from the starting of the consultancy and leaving your property.

Once Vastu Consultant was left your home with happiness, its a sign of luck to the residents. All vastu consultants are not the same qualities, so best to approach only the expert in this field. Don't compromise.

10. Donations Play A Vital Role In Obtaining Vastu Results

This is also most important in one's life, many people are greedy, they never want to donate money, food, cloth to others who require, this is also one of the negative impacts on them. If you donate, God sees your nature and he will also donate to you.

Do you know, Mr. Narayanamurthy of Infosys donated exactly one crore rupees to Mantralaya Raghavendra Swamy temple, he never wishes to publish it anywhere later his position raised to sky-high.

He just donated, he never looking for the returns, yes, its true, he never watches for the returns, that is why he was honored by GOD. This is perfectly the right system. Donate and forget, God will always bless them.

10. God And Vastu Results:

Monthly pay something to your loved God. 1/5/10 USD, what is your capacity, just store it in one Hundi (donation box) and handover to your beloved god or your interested website or your interested person etc. It will save you. Its true. Donate at least 1% of your earnings or profits to them, you will get blessings.

11. Serving Food To Get Blessings Of Needy

This is also one of the best technique to get blessings from God. Serve food to needy only. Regularly our website promoter Mr. Suresh is doing serving food to Sadhus/sages, if you wish you may also join with him, not even one rupee, even one paise is also not neglected and wrongly spent there.

All of your payments/donations should be consumed/served systematically, perfect accountability is strictly maintained for each rupee.

12. Vastu consultant is not a GOD to predict 100% everything and to suggest the exact and perfection suggestions, definitely honest vastu consultants always tries to suggest only the best and feasible corrections to the residents, they never spoil the reputation.

Quacks always try to drag money in the name of many things from a gullible public. So one should be very careful in selecting the honest and intelligent vastu consultant.

By chance if you found an honest vastu consultant then approach him and show your property, at any cost don't make any troubles to him, he should go with smiles from the property, then your position will also highly improves in the society in terms of money, position and health etc.

What is the payment which you discuss with vastu guru, pay little more to him than the contract money, this is also the biggest opportunity for you to have a bright future, how?, honest vastu specialist should go happily from your property, then you will be blessed by him and God.

Residents should not forget God, Archaka (priest) in temple and Vastu Consultant. These three should not be forgettable and ignored. Always accord respects to these three.

13. Is contributions are works, in very olden days Kings do practice donate many valuables like money, gold, lands, cows, rice to Archaka's, poets, writers, Vaasthu Siddanthi's, astrologers, how much they are donating, more than that they are getting back.

We should not forget it. Donate or contribute something to God, Archaka, Vastu consultant you will be blessed by them and later you will get more than double what you have contributed to them.

14. Proper corrections marked to be completed recommended by specialist vastu consultant then forget about results. One should not, again and again, think on results, its wrong thoughts, if you are running for results, it will never catch up the distance to you, if you just doing your work sincerely, then it will thumb up your way or knock your door.

15. Don't have friendship with the pauper, beggar and particularly careful about jealous people who are taking advantage of your requirements and overpower you.

Jealous people are very friendly at starting and waiting for their turn to make you powerlessness in terms of money, name, and fame. They are the most dangerous people who are waiting for a chance to over power you. Before them, don't ask vastu guru to visit your properties.

They may wrong guide everything and spoil the atmosphere. That is why we urge every resident be careful when a vastu consultant is going to be visiting your properties.

When vastu consultant is visiting your property, he wishes to check everything in your home to get good results/to find the exact faults in the home. If jealous people were present at that time, they will disturb consultant not to getting good ideas. While at serious talks in between residents and vastu experts, these people may raise the unnecessary questions and that may lead to negative evaluations.

16. Always be calculate of your financial status

Don't blame Vastu Shastra or vaasthu consultant when you constructed home with credits. Elders says that one should not construct the home with loans and buying the gold.

If you bought a home or renovating home with complete loans, this is not a right idea and may be it may leads to mental tension and getting pressures from your creditors, many residents having a idea that vastu saves them, it may be right but we should give an opportunity to vastu to work on your property, generally it may takes time to work there.

If you bought all the materials on credit basis, generally creditors will press you for collecting their money.

At this moment you may be generally thought about vaasthu, is there any mistake of doing the corrections or buying a wrong home.

Note that vastu may takes time to work. Within days it never works.

If you bought material on credit, you will be under pressure, so you may not get good ideas in doing your business or profession, mistakes may happen in your regular works, to make the right of one mistake you may do another mistake, finally, you will be the looser.

Better to wait for your own money and then start buying the home or doing the corrections. No credits mean no tension. No tension means the position will be rich in all terms.

Ashok, a software engineer, monthly draws a payment of Rs.70,000/- (Approximately $1100).

He saved Rs.8,00,000/- and wish to buy a home of approximately 1 crore. 10% is the minimum margin deposit to get the remaining as a loan from a financial institution.

He joined the home after completion of the registration. Within 18 months financial institution recovered the property from Ashok as he was failed regular installments.

Here Ashok should not blame Vaasthu or his horoscope. First he should calculate his status. His credit record was damaged.

Sankar, a software engineer, he draws a monthly salary of Rs.2,00,000/- and saved Rs.21,00,000/- and bought a home of approximately Rs.70,00,000/-. After completion of the registration, he joined the home and cleared the home loan within 4 years 6 months without facing any risks.

His credit record is excellent thereafter. Here also he should not appreciate vastu or horoscope. He was planned perfectly and saved his position and family members.

How can vastu consultant knows about clients financial positions, generally vastu consultants asks questions pertaining to the property only they never enter into their loan records. In above both cases, vastu consultants may not be blamed or appreciated.

Always be in your limits. Its safest method, don't arrange ladder to the and don't try to touch the sky. Its highly impossible, whether you have sufficient money or empty hands.

17. If you have a home already and trying to buy another home for investment purpose. At this moment also think on point 16. Its safe and secured.

18. Don't forget about surroundings vastu, its the most important in Vastu.

Some residents giving wrong information on their home surroundings to the vastu consultants.

For example: Mr. Gangadhar constructing a home in a town outskirts, his plot is having North and East roads, which may be generally good plot as per Vastu.

The entire South and West is totally vacant, no homes were developed there. While in an experts visit the site, Gangadhar expressed that the South and West homes owners are planning to start the construction in a few days.

Based on the confirmation of his information vastu consultant directs some corrections which the floor plan was served by Gangadhar's civil engineer.

As per Mr. Gangadhar information only vastu consultant done his directions to the floor plan. Work was completed and Mr. Gangadhar joined the home, even after completion of two years neighbors never started the construction of their home, later Mr. Gangadhar got loss in his business and leave the home.

Here vastu consultant was wrong or Mr. Gangadhar was wrong?. Submit only the facts with vastu consultants. Don't estimate anything without genuine information and confirmation.

Your honest co-operation and information is highly appreciated for your development. Don't blame vastu consultants. Don't hide anything before them. Be honest and provide only good information.

Here quacks plays a trick with residents. They said that vastu consultation is totally wrong here and insist the homeowner to ask a question to the first vastu guru about why there is 12 doors or why there is sink in the kitchen was 6 inches wrong placed or why there is window was moved to Northeast etc, but they never catch the exact point where the problem arises.

19. By reading some vastu articles, we may get doubt by seeing some properties in our society, somewhere, the property is said to be worst in terms of vaasthu, but it run goes well. How it is possible?.

To understand more on this subject let us take an example: Take chain hotels or branches, they may depend on their head office reputation and circulation of their advertisements etc.

For example if you may see the Taj Hotels, Taj hotels are the chain hotels and they has many branches hotels throughout India and some parts of the world even, the branches depends upon the reputation of their mother/head office/main hotel.

Shangri-La's Eros Hotel or Hilton Garden Inn or Holiday Inn Hotel or Metropolitan Hotels or The Lalit Palace or Eros Hotels or ITC Hotels Welcome group or Radisson Hotels or Le Meridian Hotels or Hyatt Regency Hotels or Lemon Tree or The imperial Hotel or "The Manor" all these hotel branches run as per the head office support, ads, guidance etc. Now we will discuss on how it works.

For example A hotel by name GrandPipes Hotel (imagination purpose we named as GrandPipes) was constructed at Pune, it is a chain hotel and it has total 19 branches all over India. Head office is New Delhi.

Now we are discussing about Pune branch, the hotel vastu is 100% wrong, but the hotel is going smooth from past one year as it was recently built.

Later its business went down and hotel management started attracting guests to occupy their hotel rooms. Though this chain hotel got reputation all over India and having contracts and contacts/deals with many international chain hotels, started to concentrate on this hotel to fill the rooms with guests, but nothing was improved and it went losses slowly. Management smells the losses and requires to start fulfilling the loopholes.

The head office is particularly concentrating on this branch by sending advisers and business marketing people to attract guests.

Months passed, the results may not be satisfied as expected, then the management starts special attention on this property. Amending many new inventions to safeguard its business.

The General Manager does not have sound sleep all the days, the staff is also worrying. Other branches are running OK, but this branch went for losses.

Here management never thought about their entire business empire, most of the times they are discussing only on this property, they finally came to one decision that there is something wrong with this property or branch management, its nothing but erratic construction or vagarious system which is followed there.

If this premises constructed as per Vaasthu, then no need to think on its record breaks or business.

The logic is simple, if the branch vastu is not good, it troubles the branch and its staff, directly and indirectly, it gives pain to the head office or shadow results will be focus to head office, head office may never fall down with its business, but they will have headaches from this branch.

Please note that some times we cannot do any alterations to some properties.

At that moment, how can a vastu consultant manage to improve its business? Its so nice if the management was taken consultation before constructing the property or selecting the property on rent for their hotel business.

We came across with some of these kind properties. We pity on some properties and ideas taken by management.

Most of the people were taken a wrong decision regarding vastu, they themselves taken vastu corrections by having some bookish knowledge and websites information or autodidacts and finally whose fault it was.

When compare with crores of properties, why management was not serious in terms of vastu, generally hotel management never checks vastu payments, they are clever and always approaches vastu experts for their properties, but few may fail or taken wrong ideas, this article is for them and it may be called as Fate

Based on this the management should concentrate on all branches and pertain perfect vastu guidance for their entire imperium, later they will have satisfied results.

Mr. RamaKrishna says that:

The main problem in vastu is "late results and late process", there are many things/obstacles in getting results through vastu.

1. first of all what is the work of a resident/ nature of the inhabitant.

2. surroundings information?

3. Whether resident perfectly did the changes/recommendations or not?

4. In which country the property is located?

5. Once done the corrections, is resident again done any other corrections, or followed any other vastu expert?

and there are many other things that we have to observe in this science, once we come up with such facts then only we may start doing work.

Still Continued . . . . .

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+8 #2 WOWVeena 2016-10-06 00:48
excellent article, i liked your explanation and hard work for humans development. god is great, he is the supreme force, will shower his blessings on you soon, can I use this article in my blog?????
+12 #1 Salute to your KnowledgeRathna Kumar Singhania 2016-09-22 17:50
Namashkar ji, I read this article, this is extremely wonderful and marvelous, I have lots of interest on this subject, I come across many vastu experts and many vastu websites and vastu books, but I did not read the article which was published here. what a writing and the meaning is, you should born in mega cities if it was happening, might you may get University recognition and many awards awarded for this article, unfortunately, you born in remote area in India and no recognition was been able to award your skills, I am very sorry sir. we, like-minded people always bless you for your hard work and providing us such a wonderful narration on this occult science. Obsequiousness always leads to success, please have patience, one day you will be surprised to have many awards from this karma Bhoomi, India. I wish you all the best sir. God bless you.
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