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Vastu for conceivingNote: All the images used in this blog are as per universal directional norms. As per international standards, we prepared the North point. Here the North point is showing on top, left is the West direction, right is the East direction, and bottom is always the South direction. To avoid clumsiness, the images are designed in a uniform manner without directional guides.

Vastu shastra is a traditional Indian art that studies the architecture of a building and its effect on human beings. It aims to maximize the positive impact of its surroundings and minimize its negative effects.

While Vastu has many positive impacts on our lives, it can also have some negative impacts on fertility. The way households set up their home can have a big impact on not just how they feel in the space, but also dweller fertility. But what about fertility? Does it really matter if dweller bedroom is facing north? Is it possible for them to have trouble conceiving if the main door isn't aligned just right? And how does it even work?

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We got huge pains after observing many couple searches like below. For them, we are providing some thoughts to make their dreams true.

Vastu tips to conceive a baby?

Is Vastu helping to conceive a baby?

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What are the best Vastu tips for pregnancy?

Late Marriages and Vastu Assistance to Perform Marriages

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Vastu Remedies in delay in Marriages?

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How can I overcome late marriage with Vastu?

We've Got Some Answers for the Said Questions. When residents has some leisure time then study this article and know how to improve opportunities for marriages and conceiving by using cutting-edge strategies step-by-step that may work.

It is a common practice for the elder people in India to emphasize the significance of getting their children married before they attain the age of 29 because the chances of conceiving "may" diminish after that age. Please note that many people who married after crossing 35 also have kids. We are expressing that the chances "may" diminish after 29 or 30 years.

We should observe that this is not only a Hindu belief but also a popular following feature among other religious groups too. Indeed, earlier, our elders performed their kid's marriages after 22 or 23 years for boys and 19 or 20 for girls. This is highly recommended, but in the current scenario and education qualifications, it is not possible to follow earlier age limits. The current age limit for marriage is a maximum of 32 years. After this period, conceiving chances possibilities may decrease year after year.

The reason behind this belief is that it has been found that women who are married before they attain the age of 29 have higher chances of becoming pregnant and giving birth to healthy babies than those who get married after 30 or 35 years old. This can be attributed to several factors such as age, lifestyle, diet, and many others which are known to affect fertility in women.

Reproduction is the most natural phenomenon and common feature in almost all living beings. Human reproduction, conceiving, and giving birth to a baby are one of the most beautiful experiences in the world. A lot of people often struggle and dread not being able to conceive. Although there might be a lot of scientific reasons, there is also an equal number of Vaastu and other spiritual reasons for this unpleasant occurrence.

As a human effort we provided a detailed account of Vastu's association with fertility and prospects of conceiving a baby with all good Vasthu practices and remedies to overcome this roadblock, in case there are any Vaasthu challenges that are impacting fertility prospects.

Note 1: The point of contention being discussed in this article is purely related to marriage and conceiving or pregnancy. "Other Vastu related doshas and remedies are not discussed whatsoever". Reader’s discretion is advised.

Note 2: Vastu is a divine study with strong evidence of events that have time and again reminded us of its potential. But, the reader’s discretion is strongly advised because Vastu never claims 100% results of any of its studies. Vastu itself is a deep and complex set of possibilities, which take different turns and twists to play out different possibilities.

Note 3: Readers should exercise restraint while comparing their houses directly with the images mentioned in this post. There are several other factors to be considered while doing a Vastu inspection of one’s house. Hence, always consult a professional Vastu expert to avoid committing these blunder mistakes.

1. What Are the Negative Impacts of Vastu on Family Life or Fertility?

Neglected house Vastu or any Vastu fallacies can have the below-mentioned impacts on fertility or their prospects of conceiving and giving birth to a child.

  • Infertility for life.
  • Birth of abnormal children
  • Facing problems in conceiving for the rest of a human life.
  • Delay in marriages.
  • Reluctance to get married.
  • Failed match-making instances.

For example, in the case of circular Northeast corners in the interior of their house excluding other corners, the divine power that facilitates good fertility or the prospect of conceiving for the family members will be negatively impacted. This triggers the chances of a resident not getting conceived though they may seriously try. This may evaporate the conceiving opportunities. With the other combination effects, this may leave residents with the probability of leading their life without children or hope to conceive.

Vastu infrastructure like this may trigger negative implications for both marriages and conceiving a baby after marriage, delaying these events or stopping them from happening altogether.

The Northeast (NE) direction holds a superior significance in Vastu shastra in Hindu households because of its cultural and religious significance. Oftentimes, even Vastu gurus suggest planning a puja room in this Vastu direction for auspicious results for the households.


But half moon shaped corners in the Southeast are deemed auspicious, on a contrary, unlike in the NE direction case.

2. What Are the Vastu Implications of East Facing Houses on Marriages and Fertility?

Vastu Help for conceiving a babyThe image represents East facing house. These kinds of houses are constructed in the Southwest direction with fortifications on all the sides and the main entrance on the Southeast corner. These types of houses are considered to produce auspicious results in terms of events like marriages and conceiving for the people residing in these houses.

Until and unless there are no external forces in play that block the positive vibes of these kinds of houses, the chances of people in these houses facing troubles in familial issues like this are extremely negligible.

3. What Are Vastu Implications of Houses Constructed in Northwest Direction Concerning Getting Married and Conceiving Baby?

Vastu for conceiving a babySimilar to the residential infrastructure discussed in image 1, the prospects of leading a healthy and satisfactory familial life with positive results are extremely high. These houses are constructed in the Northwest direction with the main entrance in the East direction fortified in all surroundings.

The main entrance in between fortifications is constructed in the Southeast direction for these kinds of residential houses.

4. What Are Vastu Implications of Houses With Southeast Face Entrance on Fertility and Marriages?

Will Vastu help in conceiving a babyAlthough the basic construction and Vastu looks similar to the above two houses, the Vastu implications are pretty contrary to this one. The house is majorly located in the Northwest direction with the entrance in the Southeast with the main gate entrance located in the same direction.

However, these types of houses may restrict the prospects of family members residing in these houses to getting married early or even conceive to give birth to a baby early on the life. They may also throw the households vulnerable to catching bad habits that are counterproductive to their life development. These Vastu infrastructures may also have a serious impact on residents’ health that hinders the fertile ability of the households.

5. How Does a House Construct in Southwest Direction Show Its Vastu Implications on the Households concerning Getting Marriage and Conceiving a Baby?

does Vastu aid in conceiving?In this image, the house is constructed in a Southwest direction with fortified exteriors an east-faced entrance, and a Southeast -faced main gate entrance. Although these kinds of residential infrastructures are considered auspicious, the issue boils down to the main gate entrance Vastu, which spirals into providing negative effects on the households.

People living in these kinds of houses may fall vulnerable to toxic habits and stay reluctant towards getting married. Residents of these kinds of houses mostly pursue other habits and practices that go against the interests and basic tenets of married life, which act as a major roadblock or stops them from thinking or showing interest in marriage.

6. What Are the Implications of the Southwest Direction House on the Fertile Potential of Residents Living in the House?

Vastu advice to aid in conceivingThe image represents a house situated in the Southwest direction with an East entrance and main gate entrance in the same East direction. Although the basic infrastructure looks just fine to produce positive Vastu impacts, residents should not forget to observe the fortified wall, which marched forwards by cutting abnormally through the NE. This is not at all a good sign for any kind of house.

This house has an Eastern Northeast truncation, which is considered inauspicious at all costs. The lack of Eastern Northeast part for this house counters all the positive signs to impose negative effects on the households. The residents in this household may suffer from infertility due to this sole Vastu implication. There may also be chances of the children being born with either mental or physical disabilities.

7. What Are the Vastu Implications of Houses Situated in Southwest With East Entrance on Marriage and Pregnancy?

Tips From Vastu To Beat InfertilityThe image is pretty much similar to the above one, with the Southwest house and the East entrance, which are considered good signs for households. But note the North fortified wall that is truncating the Northeast part of the house. This kind of Vastu may trigger results like delayed conceiving of baby or birth of only baby girls, restricting the birth of boys. There may also be chances of the children being born with either mental or physical disabilities.

8. How Do Houses Situate in the Southwest With an East Entrance Trigger Vastu Implications on Marriage and Fertility of the Residents?

Vastu Pregnancy AdviceIf residents observe the image carefully, this plan has Vastu fallacies on both SE and NE, causing them to truncate. Similar to the above house plan, these kinds of houses show heavy negative implications on both marriages and the fertility of the residents. They may either result in delayed marriages and baby births or restrict the prospects of conceiving altogether. There may also be another possibility of the households conceiving only girls, restricting the possibility of giving birth to boys. There may also be chances of the children being born with either mental or physical disabilities.

9. What Are the Vastu Implications of Houses That Don’t Have a Ne Place on Marriage and Fertility?

Vastu for PregnancyAlthough the entire construction seems just fine in terms of Vastu, the northeast corner that’s in circular shape is clearly visible, which cuts the Northeast space completely from the house. In these types of houses too, the households may suffer from extreme Vastu implications on their familial life.

They may either be conceived in a very delayed manner or be restricted from the opportunity to conceive altogether for the rest of their life. Giving birth to only girls is also but one possibility. There may also be implications on residents baby, even if inhabitants manage to give birth, like mental and physical disabilities. These houses may show mindset implications for men residing in these kinds of houses. They may either show signs of reluctance towards marriage or avoid it altogether because of the Vastu fallacies.

10. What Are the Vastu Implications of Lack of Northeast Space on the Fertile Prospects of the Residents?

Tips for Getting PregnantAlthough the fortification looks fine and perfect, the interior of the house lacks Northeast space in this construction, which is clearly visible. Men residing in these kinds of houses may show signs of reluctance towards marriage. Residents may also happen to face instances like failed matches, delayed marriages, and other similar Vastu implications.

There may also be chances of unpleasant married life experiences in the households residing in these styles of infrastructure houses, which spirals into delaying the instances of conceiving.

11. What Are the Vastu Implications of Northeast Fallacy of a House for the Resident’s Fertility Prospects?

Using Vastu for a PregnancyIf residents carefully observe of the construction of this house, the Northeast fallacy is clearly visible in the image. In instances like this, people residing in these houses may show signs of reluctance to get married or conceived. Frequent disputes, mental instability, and delayed marriages may be some other repercussions. All of these may further spiral into delayed pregnancies. Even if they manage to conceive, the chances of conceiving a female child are high compared to the other way round.

Male child is generally deemed as the one who carries the family’s lineage forward.

Note 1: The aim of this blog is no way to promote gender inequalities. It is just emphasizing the cultural significance and the importance of children in carrying the family’s lineage forward in Indian households.

12. What Role Does Lack Northeast Space Play in the Sensual Experience or Life of the Residents Living in the House?

Tips From Vastu For A Healthy PregnancyThe lack of Northeast space in the interior of the house due to elongation towards the West is clearly visible in this image. The households in these kinds of houses may be mentally more lenient towards spiritual activities and show no signs of interest in marriages or sensual experiences.

Tips From Vastu To Get Pregnant QuicklyIf observe this image carefully, then one can see the lack of space of Northeast in both exteriors and interiors of the house. In such cases, as this image represents, instances such as delayed marriages, families not having children to continue their lineage, and delayed childbirths may be commonly seen.

13. What Are the Vastu Implications of a Southwest Direction House With a Northeast Fallacy on the Sensual and Fertility Prospects of the Residents?

How to Boost Your Chances of Getting PregnantAlbeit under different circumstances, this image represents a house lacking adequate Northeast space in both the exteriors and the interiors. This Vastu phenomenon may result in household disputes, delayed marriages, and bad implications on the reputation of the household. Even if the family members manage to get married, they may see issues arising at the time of thinking about giving birth to children. For example, children born with abnormalities, birth of girl child, and other similar effects.

14. How Does Vastu Impact the Sensual Life of Residents Living in a Northeast Direction House With a Northeast Fallacy?

How to Use Vastu to Solve Pregnancy IssuesThe image represents a home situated in the Northeast direction. Although everything seems fine, there are certain Vastu issues that inhabitants may have to notice. The dominant occupation of the Northeast direction of the house leaves little vacant Northeast space, which has some implications. These houses generally have very little open space in the East direction. All these infrastructural impediments may reflect the familial life of the households. It may restrict the familial or lineage development of the residents.

For example, it may spiral into familial disputes between couples, which may further snowball into them losing interest in other sensual and familial issues, thereby restricting their chances of giving birth to a baby.

15. What Are the Vastu Impacts of Southeast Cornered Houses on the Sensual and Fertile Experience of the Residents?

tips for pregnancy as per VastuIt is clearly visible from the image that the house is dominantly situated in the Southeast direction, leaving an abundance of space in the North and West direction. On a contrary to the above-discussed cases, despite the Vastu negative impacts, these houses may trigger negative events like delayed marriages or pregnancies.

16. What Are the Vastu Implications of a House Dominantly Located in the Northwest Corner on the Sensual Life of the Residents?

astrology tips for pregnancyThis image represents the house located in the Northwest direction. In the Northwest dominant houses, we may observe a lot of abundant space in the Southeast, east, and South directions. These phenomena may snowball into court disputes and other similar negative activities that create disturbances in the houses.

This may mean disputes in married life, which may develop antagonistic attitudes in the couple towards each other further impacting their interest in conceiving a baby. This may hinder the progress of being conceived or giving birth to baby girls more than boys.

17. Are There Any Negative Effects on the Sensual Life of Residents Living in an East-facing House?

Vastu tips for pregnant ladyThis image represents the house planned in East direction, leaving a plenty of open space on the West direction, north, and South directions. Albeit with less intensity, these houses too may show negative impacts on the ability of households quickly conceive or give birth to a child.

18. Are There Any Negative Implications for the Residents Living in a North Facing House in Terms of Their Sensual Life?

sleeping direction for pregnant ladiesThis image represents a house built in the North direction with a lot of space left open in South, East, and West directions. This may show effects like delayed marriages, killing the interest of households in conceiving, and other familial issues, which may show repercussions on giving birth to a child.

19. What Are Vastu Implications With Eastern Southeast Street Focus for Fertility Prospects?

feng shui tips for conceivingIf households observe carefully, they may notice this house has Eastern Southeast street focus (Veedhi potu). The road thrust is in the Eastern Southeast direction elongating further. These kinds of street focus "may" result in abortions or delayed marriages, delayed pregnancies, or "few possibilities" are there for completely ruining the opportunities of conceiving for the rest of residents' life.

20. What Are Negative Consequences With Southeast Street Focus on Pregnancy?

desi totka to get pregnantAlthough the street focus is not as intense as in the above-discussed scenario, the Southeast -focused road is hitting the house to create a street focus. This scenario may result in violent behavior, household disputes, and other similar issues, which may quickly spiral into intolerable levels of instabilities and mental traumas in the house, showing a negative impact on the family and sensual life of the residents. It may also result in delayed marriages or infertility and "may" have some possibility of abortions.

21. What Are the Vastu Implications of a House Without Fortification and a Room in the Northeast Corner?

vastu tips to avoid miscarriageIn this home this house lacks a fortification. And occupant can also see a room in the Northeast corner, which is emphasized in red color. Many residents may plan a concealed puja room in the Northeast corner assuming it will show auspicious results. But that may not always be the case. Concealed pooja rooms are not recommended. The store room at Northeast "may" show negative implications like the birth of children with some kinds of disabilities or the predominant birth of girl children.

Dissatisfaction and mental instabilities may be some other repercussions of these kinds of houses. Hence, occupant should consult a revered Vastu pandit before taking own steps. In addition to the consequences that occupants may face with regards to conceiving children, this Vastu may spiral into impedimental issues hindering other developmental activities.

22. What Are the Vastu Implications of a House With External Northeast Fallacy Located in the Southwest Direction on the Sensual and Fertility Prospects of the Residents?

Vastu tips for getting pregnant in hindiThis image represents a house located in the Southwest direction. However, occupants can see the fortification cutting the Northeast space. These kinds of unnecessary cuts in the Northeast direction may show negative consequences for residents living in this house. They may show signs of reluctance in family life experiences and activities. Predominant birth of girl children, and abnormal children are some cases that may happen due to this Vastu effect.

23. What Are the Vastu Implications of a Southwest Directional House With Northeast Fallacy on the Resident’s Life?

Hindu rituals to get pregnantContrary to the above discussed scenario, the fortification is fine here but the Northeast space is cut in the interior of the house. The lack of Northeast space may trigger events of infertility or delayed childbirths for the residents living in these houses. Lack of interest in marriage, family life, and reluctance towards leading a familial life are some other possibilities.

24. What Are the Vastu Implications of a Southwest Directional House With Both Exterior and Interior Northeast Fallacy on the Residents?

Pregnancy Tips to Avoid MiscarriageThis image represents a house with complete lack of Northeast space both from the interior and the exterior. This may quickly escalate into unstable mindsets and attitudes that spiral into violent behaviors. This in turn may cause delays in marriages and childbirths.

25. What Are the Vastu Implications of a House Without a Boundary Wall and Northeast and East Fallacy for the Residents?

Vastu Do's and Dont's To Follow For PregnancyThis house lacks a boundary wall with an elongation in the Southeast direction. Due to all these combinations, these kinds of houses too may trigger events like delayed marriages or even members not getting married for the rest of their life. Even if they manage to get married, there may be instances of struggling with conceiving and giving birth to a child.

26. What Are the Vastu Implications of Northeast Fallacy Extending Into the North Direction for the Residents of the House?

which direction is best to get pregnantThe image represents the reverse scenario to the phenomena we discussed in the above situation. With no boundary wall, there is an elongation in the Northwest direction. This too may result in delayed marriages. The residents show a lack of interest in marriage by developing an interest in spiritual activities. Even if they do manage to get married, they may face issues like delayed childbirth.

27. How Does Southeast Drive Focus Impact the Resident’s Fertile Prospects Living in the House?

totka for conceiving babyThe image represents 5 houses with an east-facing road with a driveway towards the houses. While the driveway is located in the Northeast direction for 1, 2, 4, and 5 numbered houses, the 3rd house has a driveway in the Southeast. In phenomena like these, there is a possibility of residents may face issues like the premature birth of their babies or abortions.

28. How Does Vastu Impact the Residents Living in the House With the Northeast Being Occupied by Another House?

astrology tips for conceiving baby boySimilar to the above scenario, can observe 5 houses here. The second house sits in the Northeast direction of the 3rd house, increasing the weight in the Northeast direction of the 3rd house. Such a scenario may trigger an adverse event like restricting the prospect of giving birth to a child throughout the lifespan of the residents residing in this house. Delayed marriages, lack of interest in marriages, and leading a family life may also be some of the possibilities of Vastu reactions.

29. Is It Possible to Conceive Only Male Child With Help of Vastu?

Humans always research for their comforts and continuously found something new, hence we are all using mobiles for communication, and luxury vehicles for our journeys. If no research is performed how can all these things discover? As such, in Vastu also several experts researched many things. There is a possibility of conceiving a male child with Vastu's ideas. Experts may find a way for a male baby, hence, approach one expert to uncover the unknown things to the gullible public.

In this regard we wish to publish one incidence that is occurred in Guntur District. One employee who is working as an official in the Guntur district liked to have a male baby and gave birth to 7 girls. While in observation their home has Northeast truncation. After giving birth to the 7th girl, he completed the vasectomy operation. Later only the Northeast truncation was discovered. What can he do now? This is all fate.

29. We Have Interest Only on Female Child is There Any Vastu Tips to Conceive Female Baby?

Some residents like to have only a female child, they love to have only a female baby. There are some ideas like, if there is a Northeast truncation, then there is a possibility of conceiving a female child, not only that, there are several reasons, known and unknown things should be unearthed to find the vital grounds.

Note: All the information furnished in this blog is as per the meticulous research carried out by an experienced people. Although there is an abundance of material available online and offline on this topic, extensive research is carried out to furnish additional and most valuable information possible to the visitors of this website.

Besides all these scenarios, it is important for young adults to choose their direction in the bedroom carefully. For example, young adults who are yet to get married should not sleep in bedrooms with lack of Northeast direction, which may have repercussions on their attitude towards marriage and show negative effects on their fertility.

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