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Vastu in Iraq:

Vastu Consultant in IraqIn Hindu mythology, there are two mountain ranges specified. One is the Vindhya Mountains and another one is Meru mountains. Vindhya, which is available in the present Indian soil.

The precious mountain range is Meru mountain range. These Meru mountain ranges are in Iraq. People residing in this location called as "Sumerians", they are great intellectuals and leaders in Astronomy. The mathematical wonders have come about from the minds of this great Sumerian intelligentsia.

Their astronomical data was later used in Egypt, while they were building their great pyramids.

It’s a tragedy, such a great nation that gave astronomy and algebra to the world is today at the receiving end. While we don’t want to speculate what befell this great nation, we are sure we can rebuild it by following sound Vastu principles.

We repeat once again Vastu knowledge is for the whole universe, it is not restricted any single caste, community, religion or nation. There are no barriers to utilize this ancient Vastu science. Anyone in this world can apply Vastu shastra tips without any organization permission.

We are sure these Vastu Shastra principles which are now spreading all over the world and benefitting them will also benefit people in Iraq and does bring them to the pristine glory to which they rightfully belong.

For this purpose, the first effort should be a careful look at the Government administration building and residences of senior officials, in whose hands the destiny of Iraq would prosper.

Our main aim is the entire universe should live with peace.

We are very ready to provide our free Vastu Services to Iraq Government. Once we follow Vaastu shastra principles then we can experience changes in the entire country's development.

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9. Many of us look for vastu compliance of houses constructed or under construction so that we may buy them or look for better opportunity while vastu is general and applies for all constructions the requirements of House vastu or somewhat peculiar. A greater elaboration is required in understanding vastu for a specific purpose.

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11. Care should be taken where the management staff has to be positioned and where the work staff is required to be positioned, apart from this main gate entrances and exists locations of main stores and finished goods stores and working progress stores have to be cited, location of the canteen, water tanks, different locations of Office vastu will enlighten you for the best placement of each and every aspect and other utilities have to be carefully considered and placed upon.

12. One of the prime considerations of consulting Vastu shastra is harmony in life, working relations, prosperity, etc, in the same style regarding health vastu also significant for every resident.

13. Take for example an enterprise for starting an eatery you can get special requirements of study business and at the same time constantly changing activities, vastu shastra for Hotels now is a unique affair dealt keeping this aspect in view.

14. One more case is the proper application for resorts, etc Hospital vastu, take this account where the enterprise is dependent on a continuous flow of patients moving in and out.

15. One can get regular plots for say a house etc, however different shapes of Plots in vastu is a general phenomenon when we are buying a much larger area to be parcelled into different units to locate different buyers.

16. In any multi flats in apartments, there are only a few good flats as per vastu available, search for them, consult a scholar in this regard. A complete site visit or plan of the flat and the complete construction would be required to make a proper assessment.

17. There are several sites available in and around the cities or towns, but we should not compromise in selecting either square or rectangular shaped, to hunt only for rectangular or square-shaped sites in vastu may not be an easier task. In this regard, an expert will help the residents. Be cautious while buying them.

Key Points of Iraq Country

  • Country Iraq
  • Capital City Baghdad
  • Area: 437,072 km²
  • Population: 37.2 million (2016)
  • Currency: Iraqi dinar
  • Official languages: ‎(Standard) Arabic‎, ‎Kurdish
  • Demonym: Iraqi
  • Government Federal parliamentary republic legislature Council of Representatives
  • Religions: Islam
  • Time Zone: AST (UTC+3)
  • Drives on the right
  • Dialing / Calling Code: +964
  • Internet TLD .iq
  • Iraqi National Bird Chukar partridge
  • Iraqi National Flower Red Rose
  • Important Cities: Baghdad, Mosul, Erbil, Fallujah, Kirkuk, Basra, Ramadi
  • Famous Rivers Tigris, Euphrates, Shatt al-Arab, Diyala River, Great Zab, Little Zab, Khabur, Karkheh River, Al-Gharraf River, Khazir River, Sirwan River, Khasa River, Khaqr Abd Allah, Alwand River, Glory River
  • Border Countries Jordan, Kuwait, Turkey, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Iran
  • Spiritual Places 17th of Ramadan Mosque, Al-‘Abbās Mosque, Mausoleum of Abdul-Qadir Gilani, Abu Dulaf Mosque, Abu Hanifa Mosque, Al-Ahmadiya Mosque, Minaret of Anah, Al-'Askarī Mosque, Al-Asifyah Mosque, Great Mosque of Amadiya, Ezra's Tomb, Great Mosque (Aqrah), Green Mosque (Mosul), Great State Mosque, Al-Haj Bunnia Mosque, Al-Hannanah Mosque, Haydar-Khana Mosque, Imam Ali Mosque (Basra), Imam Ali al-Sharqi Mosque, Imam al-Baher Mosque Mausoleum of Imam al-Hasan of Basra, Imām Husayn Mosque, Al-Imam Muhsin Mosque, Jalil Khayat Mosque, Al-Kadhimiya Mosque, Mausoleum of Kumayl ibn Ziyad, Al-Khilani Mosque, Al-Khulafa Mosque, Al-Kuwaz Mosque, Great Mosque of Light, Mausoleum of Maytham al-Tammar, Mosul Grand Mosque, Mudhafaria Minaret, Murjan Mosque, Al-Nukhailah Mosque, Al-Nu'maniyah Mosque, Great Mosque of al-Nuri, Mosque of the Prophet Daniel, Mosque of the Prophet Jonah, Mosque of the Prophet Seth, Al-Rahman mosque, Al-Sahlah Mosque, Mausoleum of Sa'id ibn Jubayr, Mausoleum of Sayeed Ali al-Zaki, Great Mosque of Sulaymaniyah, Said Sultan Ali Mosque, Great Mosque of Samarra, Al-Sarai Mosque, Mausoleum of Ash-Shams, Sheikh Rajab Mosque, Al-Sulaymaniyah Mosque, Mausoleum of Umar Suhrawardi, Umm al-Tabweel Mosque, Umm al-Qura Mosque, Al-Wazeer Mosque, Mausoleum of Yahya Abu al-Qasim, Great Mosque of Zahra, Zumurrud Khatun Mosque
  • Tourist Attractions: Ishtar Gate, Tower of Babel, Nineveh, Citadel of Erbil, Imam Husayn Shrine, Ziggurat of Ur, National Museum of Iraq, Al-Kadhimiya Mosque, Shatt al-Arab, Great Mosque of Samarra, Al-Zawraa Park, Great Mosque of Kufa, Mount Korek, Al-Shaheed Monument, Shanidar Cave, Halgurd, Baghdad Zoo, taq Kasra, Al-Ukhaidir Fortress, Eridu, Qandil Mountains, Kurdish Textile Museum, Baghdadi Museum, Sami Abdulrahman Park, Sinjar Mountains, Al-Askari Shrine, Victory Arch, Liberation Square, Shanadar Park, Chavi Land, Buratha Mosque, Al-Sahlah Mosque, Sarchnar Park, Lake Milh, Al-Rahman Mosque, Lake Hammar, The Monument to Unknown Soldier, Dream City, Kirkuk Citadel, Baghdad Island, Dair Mar Elia, Bash Tapia Castle
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Significant Points of Iraq Country

The country Iraq, officially the “Republic of Iraq” is a sovereign country located in Western Asia. The bordering countries of Iraq include Syria towards the West, Turkey towards the North, Kuwait towards the Southeast, Iran towards the East, Saudi Arabia towards the South and Jordan towards the South West.

Before the start of the ongoing conflicts in the country, Iraq was one of the peaceful, rich in culture, developed, and historical countries. The ongoing conflicts had destroyed much of its infrastructure, cities, home and millions of people have died.

The country is famous for its historical and ancient sites, painters, arts, handicrafts, carpets, Islamic culture, and Islamic heritage. Also, it is a founding member of the United Nations, Arab League, Organization of Islamic Cooperation, and IMF.

The area of modern Iraq has remained one of the earliest human settlements and civilizations. This means that one of the earliest humans lived in this region dating back to 65,000 to 35,000 BC.

Also, Iraq is termed as “Cradle of Civilizations” as a number of ancient civilizations were raised and declined in this region.

It is also the region in which the humans first learned to read, write, create laws, and developed other scientific fields including Medicine, Mathematics, Astronomy, and Astrology.

Later during the ancient, iron, and bronze ages, the region was ruled by a number of powerful and famous empires including the Roman Empire, Persian Empire, Babylonian Empire, Alexander the Great, Hellenistic, Median, and many more.

The course of the region changes when it was captured by the Muslims in the 7th century. Baghdad became the capital of the Muslim empire.

This time is also marked as the Golden period in Islamic history and the region was an educational and cultural center famous all over the world.

People from all over the world came to Baghdad to get an education and trade. There were numerous libraries, research facilities courts, educational centers, and developments.

Sadly, in the 13th century, the country came under the attack of the Mongols, and the city of Bagdad was torn to the ground, millions of people were killed, books burnt, libraries destroyed and infrastructure destroyed.

The Muslims never recovered this huge loss, nevertheless, Bagdad returned to its Glory. As the time passed, and the Mongol influence decreased the Ottoman Empire rose in the area which was in fact created to defend from Mongols.

Iraq then remained under the rule till the end of World War 1, when the Ottoman Empire was defeated and its territories were distributed among the British, and French, etc.

The British favorite ruler (monarch) in Iraq and gave independence to Iraq in 1932. The monarchy was replaced and the Republic of Iraq was created in 1958.

Although, after the independence, the starting years were peaceful since then the country is hit by foreign involvements, Wars, Civil Wars, occupations, and terrorism.

The first blow to the country was Iran-Iraq War (1980-1988) an in which both countries suffered a lot.

Later the Iraqi forces under Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait and some parts of Saudi Arabia Gulf War, this was condemned by countries all over the World, and all the major powers including the USA, England, France, etc, intervened and Iraq faced a humiliating defeat.

After the attacks of 9/11, Iraq was invaded by the US and its allies claim it has chemical weapons. The US and its allies left Iraq in 2011 but the insurgency is still active in the country and peace is not fully restored.

The geography of Iraq features mostly desert and plains with mountain ranges in the North but the area near the rivers of Euphrates and Tigris are fertile and can arable. Most of the country has a hot and humid climate with temperatures reaching 40˚C in summers.

But the northern (mountainous) region is colder and sometimes receives snowfall. Also, the annual rainfall in the country is very low due to which fertile lands, forests, and grasslands are less in the country.

The modern boundaries of Iraq are the result of the “Treaty of Serves” of 1920 by the League of Nations after the territories of the former Ottoman Empire was divided.

The country has an online coastline of only 58 km on the Persian Gulf. The country has no access to major seas or Oceans directly.

The economy of Iraq is mainly dependent on oil and petroleum products since the independence. Similar to the Arab countries, Iraq has also large reserves of oil.

The economy was tremendously affected as much of the refineries and infrastructure was destroyed during the Iran-Iraq War, Gulf War, and the US invasion of Iraq. As the situation improved, foreign investment is increasing and the economy is back on track.

The industrial sector is also mostly related to oil refining and oil products. Agriculture also contributes a significant amount towards the GDP and most of the Iraqi inhabitants rely on agriculture as the source of income.

There is a huge mass of arable land near the rivers but still, the production is not enough for local consumption and export is impossible.

Export products are only oil and petroleum products. Also, Iraq can be a major tourist hub due to numerous ancient remains, forts, historical cities, heritage, and culture.

As described earlier, numerous ancient empires rose in the area and still had their remains but due to unrest, terrorism, and improper fa facilities, only a few tourists visit Iraq.

Arab people are the largest ethical group in the country accounting for 70%-80% of the total population. Other groups include Kurds. Assyrians, Iraqi Turkmen, Mandeans, Armenians, Circassians, Iranians, Shabakis, Yazidis, and Kawliya.

Arabic is the most common and widely spoken language of the country. before the invasion, Arabic was the sole official language of the country but the new constitution features Kurdish also an official language.

Islam is the foremost religion of Iraq accounting for 99% of the total population. Islam is further divided into “Shia Islam” and “Sunni Islam”.

Shias give great and significant importance to Iraq as a number of Holy and sacred sites are present in Iraq especially “Karbala” and “Najaf”.

It's been 30 years since Iraq is facing unrest, terrorism, and wars. In other words, it can be said that Iraq is in a “State of War”.

Also, it has faced destruction, massacres, and a number of other inhuman events. We must pray to God to improve the situation of Iraq as the people of Iraq have suffered a lot. Our Prayers are with the people of Iraq.

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