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If a street strikes on the Southern side of the residence or any property then it is called as "Southern street thrust". In many places this street focus giving the bad results to the inhabitants, its because of tiny neighboring effects on that respected area.

We provided the information at East street focus link is also applicable to this link. You are well aware that the directions are always states with different results.

So the East direction is different and South direction is different. If vastu of a property is good then all the directions will be good.

Somebody says South and West are not good plots/houses. East and North are always good. This statement may not be right. There are many things which we need to discuss to clarify this question.

South Street FocusIn this image it was shown that a street is hitting the house from South direction, this is called as South street focus or that house is called a South street focus home. Many residents are asking is this street focus property is good to buy or not. Before evaluating this situation, we need to observe many things here. You will be stunned by knowing the facts of this street focuses and their logical results on the properties. We tried our best to publish maximum information on our website with appropriate understandable images. When you find anything wrong here, kindly inform us we will check and alter them if there is any mistake on our website. For your understanding purpose in this image, we placed a small arrow to the South of this plot and another small arrow at road last point which is touching the house plot. This is said to be the center point of the plot and road.

South road thrust in TeluguDid you observe what is the change in this image when compare with the above image, for your kind information only we have created two arrows and put one on top of the road and another one is below the house (house vastu) (ghar vastu), in the above para we clearly explain about the small arrow. This arrow only picked up the changes in these images. The street is little moved to East direction. This road is not exactly hitting from the exact South direction. Hope you observed this change. In the above image, the road is exactly hitting the exact center of the plot/house.

Dakshin soola in Telugu Hope you find the differences in between these three images. If not, please check the entire three images again and again then you can easily catch the difference. This is simple logic. The street is changing little towards the southwest direction. You may see the small arrows again. That is why most of the best expert vastu consultants never accepts to give answers to the callers who is asking vastu questions. Some residents may think that vaastu expert is not giving an answer to their questions, but the truth is, the facts of the property is different and residents description may be different, now you may understand by seeing these images. Can any resident fulfill their question exactly on their properties like above, it's almost impossible? The educated people can easily understand this situation and they will take the wise decision.

Check this link for more information on How many streets are there and their formation on the properties etc, read the content and observe the images in this link.

దక్షిణ వీధి పోటు Now coming to the point, first of all we may discuss on this street focus, is it good or bad one. Before discussing this point, we may question our self that, is South main door home is good or bad, if this question raises to any vastu experts then their suitable answer is South main door is not bad one, moreover this bestows good results to the inhabitants, some South facing house properties are giving good results to the inhabitants and some of the South facing homes are giving bad results, why ?, we should discuss on this issue to understand well about this logical subject. In this page, we will debate only on South Street Focus and its features.

As per our elders and experts statements when the South main door is giving good results then the street should also bestow with favorable results.

If the door is blessed with excellent results then the street should also bless with satisfactory positive results to the inhabitants, but there is some terms and conditions and some weakness points are there with South and West properties when compared with North and East directions, that is the only reason many vasthu consultants says that don't buy South and West properties and most of them suggesting residents buy only North or East properties.

These same points we are discussing in the South Direction and West Direction links. If we crossed such weakness points then the South and West directions are equivalent to North and East directions.

Believe or not, we suggested many South and West direction homes in USA, they are all living well there. No complaints at all. Follow the logic, will get expected results.

South Street focus (Bend):

South street focus in HindiThere are many types of street focuses to the properties. Some are bent, curved, tilted, angular, inclined, slant, not to be straight, bent or not in a proper shape. Most of the residents taking the wrong decision in buying such homes, they never check the degrees of the land there. They just thought it will be a South Street focus and decided to buy such homes. Beware of such slant focuses, generally, these curved one's may not claim to be the original ones or may not producing such same good results to the property.

If the wrong step happens then their entire life may be in risk, dependent on others or he has to bend his head before others or some times he may compromise on all challenging situations in his life.

Now coming to the point that, if one property is having Southwest Street Focus then it may be a reason for miseries and some times it may be a threat to the life of the occupants.

In most of such cases, the financial position may be too weak and inhabitants may not pick up their business well. Their health may also damage.

Beware of some tricky street focuses. Wrong decisions, illusion, hoax gimmick of focuses may ruin your strong decision of development.

South street focus in TamilSome of the South streets focuses may be like this, this is 90° plot, if the degrees as per compass may changed then the results may also variates. Based on neighborhood vastu, only rare cases or some times this focus may produce very small benefits to the inhabitants but finally giving more troubles to the occupants of the property, there are some parihara to these types of properties but it should be thoroughly checked by the expert vastu consultant only. Many residents are calling vastu specialists and asking about the remedies, its almost highly impossible to understand the exact situation of the property over phone calls.

Its only the reason many vastu pandits avoid to say answer. They just say something and escape. Most of them express that a personal visit is required. It's not their fault, they did the right job indeed.

South Street Focus in KannadaIn this image you may understand the Surroundings Vastu information mixed with Street focus. If a property has South Street focus and it has Southwest homes i.e., West of the street has homes, then it is considered as good street focus, generally this South street focus bestows with favorable good results, otherwise, occupants has to pay huge penalties. There are different calculations, its not possible to discuss everything here, care should be taken on this street focuses, otherwise more bad/negative things happen like ill health, monetary loss, heavy strain, financial loss and premature accidental deaths, etc.

Many residents are asking that they saw one house which has South street focus and needs to buy. Let us discuss here, is it possible to explain everything to them or is it possible to understand everything with their phone discussion narration. Please understand the facts of the subject.

It's highly impossible to understand everything over a phone call or over house plans. In this image it was stated that if there are homes to the West of the Street as shown herewith and street is hitting to a property and there is no homes at East of the street then this would become auspicious, there are many other hidden things are there which we cannot explain each and every part of this location effects on this home, for example, if there is no homes at Northeast, East and Southeast crossed the parallel East line of the Home continuation towards then the street may not be giving same expected good results what we noted in this image.

Most of the readers may get a number of questions here or many may confused, suffer from the understanding problem, this is the logic which an expert vastu consultant can found the all directions effects of residents interested property to buy.

South road thrust in TeluguThe subject street focus is not an easy task to understand, it requires good enough experience to know the effects of street focuses. First, we have to find out the skeleton moments of the street focuses and later examine the shadows of it and finally check the conclusion. In this image the street is hitting the home, there are some homes which are towards the East direction of the street, the West direction of the street does not have any more homes, its vacant land. With this open land, the street focus becomes a negative role here. Finally, inhabitants have seen abyss effects here.

Did you observed one thing here, some people are asking a simple question, can we buy "South Street focus home", can it be possible for them to express any of such above, how can vastu consultant who received the phone call can understand the facts of the site.

Not possible, it's only the reason we urge everybody please show that property with one of the best vastu pandit. They can visit the site and express their ideas, they will recommend the best possible solutions.

Please note that the clear description is too important when dealing with vastu science. Lack of information may lead to arise wrong guidance from vastu consultants. No need to point on vastu consultants, residents have to take care of providing real facts of the property.

In the above flash file there is no houses at Southwest corner of the home, the houses are constructed on the Southeast side to the house, so the Southwest corner is vacant, then the same street focus will makeup as bad street focus and through very bad results like Ill health, financial loss, some times deaths, instability, insecure feeling, collapse in all fields, etc may happen. Vaastu south street focus or veedhi shoola or Sula is some times bestows with good results and some times very bad results.

Hope you have noticed the above two flash files effects, There is southern street thrust to the east of the street thrust SSE area is packed with construction leaving SSW area free, this is greatly harmful and bodes ill to the residents. Construction activity is towards SSW of the house leaving Southeast area vacant and thus this house faces SE street thrust. With due precautions during construction, this house would not face all the ill effects.

Effects of Southern Street Thrust:

1. This street thrust bestows all the Southern Southeast (SSE) street thrust benefits though at a reduced scale.

2. Such Houses should have to be carefully planned to derive maximum benefits for even small mistakes could lead to bad effects.

3. If this street thrust is shifted even slightly towards Southwest it would result in the ill effects of the Southern Southwest. If however suitable remedial measures are undertaken while construction we may be able to avoid ill effects and on the contrary enjoy better results.

4. In the same manner if the same is slightly shifted towards East good effects of SSE will be felt.

5. With Southern street thrust, it is best to leave open space towards the North area of the house as also on the eastern side as much as possible provided space.

6 If the house is vastu compliant female folk in the house would have harmonious life, compatibility in the family, good health, prosperity and increased earnings too.

The benefits of Southern street thrust will be a mixed bag. All will be in even proportion and not on a spectacular scale. However, if the house is not vasthu compliant it may as well cause disasters leading to accidents, ill health, losing one’s own self-confidence and consequently family suffering. It is for this reason proper precaution be taken in right earnest even in the beginning so as to derive maximum benefits.

+6 #7 south veedi potu is okay or not to purchase the plotK.Ramesh 2018-04-15 07:21
Dear sir, my Name is Ramesh i have planning to purchase a plot of 167.04 sq yards south face.
where the plot south face length is 51 sqft and width is 30.6sqft. 10feet width of around depth of 250mtrs road hitting on middle of my south side plot.plz kindly suggest me
purchase the plot or not. if i purchase is good to construct the house or not.
+1 #6 Street Focus SouthSomeswara Rao 2016-08-26 14:01
Respected Sir, Namaste . I am Someswara Rao, FCA My dob is 27/79/1955. My Son Prabhakar Dob is 8/12/1988 .. I have south road facing plot with size width 38.5 (i.e road facing road 33.33 feet ) Depth is 58 feet. A road of 33.33 feet is hitting my site. plot Size 38.5 and hitting road width 33.33 feet. Road hit starts from 4 or 5 feet away from both southwest (Dakshina Nyruthi) and 1.5 feet from South East (Dakshina Agneya) and hits my plot by 33.33 feet. Both West to East Road and road hitting my site is South to North . Can I construct a house there ? Is there any remedial measures ? Please explain me . Please inform your fee also for your piece of good advice.
Thank You
Namaste Someswara Rao vijayawada
+9 #5 status of flat vasthuSunder 2015-11-27 12:35
Dear Sir, Had purchased a flat 4 years back. Total apt is in 4500 sq yards. My flat is east facing & my flat door is near e-shanyam. my flat opp their is a road facing southeast corner of flat & road will be turned to left & flat southeast facing the road is curving towards south Pl help
+6 #4 DIRECTIONSsrinath ac 2015-10-30 08:13
+8 #3 plot vasthumanohar 2014-12-27 14:59
i have a plot having south southeast street i want to construct an apartment taking my neighbour land which is having southsouthwest street focus.on the whole the construction will have south street it good to construct the apartment or kindly suggest any remedy.
+5 #2 streets focusesK BALASUBRAMANIAN 2014-07-16 17:15
The entire facing is in the road.I having a plot of 230 sq,yards. the facing is south. the road before my plot is 40 feet.My plot facing is 38 feet 6 inches, The entire facing is in the road, pl suggest to whether to construct residential portion and stay there. Or to construct non residential and to let out. The entire facing is in the road.I having a plot of 230 sq,yards. the facing is south. the road before my plot is 40 feet.My plot facing is 38 feet 6 inches, The entire facing is in the road, pl suggest to whether to construct residential portion and stay there. Or to construct non residential and to let out.
+8 #1 Mrs.Pallavi Reddy 2014-06-09 17:41
The entire facing is in the road.I having a plot of 230 sq,yards. the facing is south. the road before my plot is 40 feet.My plot facing is 38 feet 6 inches, The entire facing is in the road, pl suggest to whether to construct residential portion and stay there. Or to construct non residential and to let out.
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