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Vastu Shastra General/Common Tips : The following are the general Vastu Shastra tips / points, here you may find various Vaasthu tips and techniques at our general living places. These tips will help you at the time of your choice. Before following these tips first consult one experienced Vastu Consultant and then only decide to follow the tips. We strongly recommend you please consult one expert Vasthu consultant and get right recommendations, don't blindly alter the properties by reading Books and tips through websites. These tips are only for your kind information. There may be human errors in publishing tips here. Please double check every thing before taking the decisions.

  1. The pooja room may be placed at Northeast (Eshan) corner but before doing this there is a one technique to place pooja room at Northeast (Eshan) corner, Northeast (Ishan) corner should not be closed by placing the pooja room.
  2. It is good to keep the kitchen in the SouthEast or NorthWest of a room. As per Vaasthu first preference is given to SouthEast.
  3. The bed room for the heads of the family, male and female is to be at SouthWest part of a room.
  4. The over head water tank should be on the SouthWest part of the upper portion of the house.
  5. South middle part of a room is fit for young people’s bed room, store room or pooja room.
  6. The store room should be in the SouthWest room.
  7. West middle room is for the rest room of younger people.
  8. West middle room is used as Pooja room or store room.
  9. It is better to keep the grown up people fit for marriages in the NorthWest room. It can be also used as a guest room.
  10. North middle room is fit for young girls to stay. It also can be used as pooja room.
  11. Northeast part of a room can be used as a drawing room or reading room or puja room.
  12. East middle part of a room is fit for younger men to stay. West, South rooms can be used as pooja room.
  13. Steps can be constructed at the SouthWest part of a building.
  14. According to Vastu Shastra SouthEast area is also fit for Staircase.
  15. As per Vastu Shastra NorthWest part also suits for the Staircase.
  16. Many Vastu Expert opinioned that According to Vastu Shastra NorthEast location is best suitable for borewell.
  17. Planting small flower plants or growing grass at the North or East part is good.
  18. Strong trees can be grown at South or SouthEast part of the building.
  19. The entrance gate also can be at North or East part of the building.
  20. The entrance gate also can be at North or East part of the building.
  21. It is also good to have entrance gate at West or NorthWest part.
  22. In the upstairs terrace tall Construction can be at South or West parts.
  23. In the inner side of a building in the vacant space the SouthWest part must be higher, SouthEast part must be a little lower, NorthWest part must be a little lower and NorthEast part must even a little lower than the other parts.
  24. South or West compound wall should be more in height and breadth.
  25. East or North wall should be lesser in height and breadth.
  26. The low level water tank can be at East or North.
  27. According to Vastu Shastra if the staircase goes up at South and West it is good.
  28. The earth where we live must be in a higher level at South and West.
  29. The earth where we live must be in a low level at East and North.
  30. If there is a mountain at the South and West side of a living place it will be good according to Vaastu Shastra.
  31. If there are rivers, tanks or lakes at the East or North part of a living place it is good according to Vaastu Shastra
  32. If the burial ground is at the SouthWest or West or South part of a living place it may be good. (Please note that, constructing homes near to the burial ground is not good, but in some places there is no further option to the residents except to construct near to the burial ground, for them this point is suitable.)
  33. It is better if there are temples at the SouthWest or South or West part of the living place.
  34. If we put a shed in vacant space at the SouthWest part it is good.
  35. It is good to leave open space at the NorthEast part.
  36. It is good to worship facing East or North.
  37. It is good to have a path at NorthEast, SouthEast and NorthWest.
  38. It is good to climb a mountain facing South or West.
  39. The vacant space or building should be at the East or West part broad.
  40. If there is a vacant space and if it is square then its good.
  41. The goods pictures must face East or North.
  42. The building facing South and North will give strength to the women in that family.
  43. The East and West buildings are good to male members. They will give strength to them.
  44. If the plot is broad at NorthEast or plots at NorthEast will help the family to develop.
  45. A tank at East for male god’s temples and the tank at North for female god’s temples will be good.
  46. If one worships in the temple he must stand facing East or North, it will be good.
  47. If one cooks standing or sitting towards East or West it will be good.
  48. If one sits towards East or North and study he will get good knowledge.
  49. If we want to converse we must sit facing East or North is good.
  50. While sleeping one must lie down keeping head towards South and leg towards North.
  51. If one keeps head at East and legs towards West and lie down to sleep is also good.
  52. The Almira must be kept at the SouthWest.
  53. A small and a narrow window must be kept in South and West parts.
  54. A broad window must be kept at the NorthEast part.
  55. The air condition plant must be at the SouthWest or NorthWest or South or middle part of West.
  56. The slab steps can be at East or North entrance.
  57. The lofts must be at South or West entrance at the lower parts.
  58. The watchman’s room must be at Southwest or NorthWest vacant place.
  59. A temple can be constructed at SouthWest part and worshiped there.
  60. One can grow papal tree or Neem tree at the SouthWest part of the temple.
  61. If there is a vacant space near the house at the SouthWest part, Neem trees or papal trees can be grown.
  62. One can construct tall pillars at the South or West compound walls at East or North side.
  63. One can keep “Thulasi” (Basil) at SouthWest or West part of the House.
  64. Draw water from well by standing towards East or North provides little luck to residents.
  65. The entrance at the East or North should not have circular shape.
  66. The entrance at the South or West corner will be good.
  67. One must avoid corner shape at the main entrance or internal entrance.
  68. If there is a tank at the North, East or NorthEast part of a temple it is good to worship there.
  69. If there are entrances in a higher level in the rooms of a house it will be good.
  70. If sunlight enters in the NorthEast part of the house it will be better.
  71. If there are vacant places at North or East parts of near the house it is good.
  72. In the South or West parts there must be vacant space in small area.
  73. If one keeps fish tub and keeps fish in it, it will be good.
  74. If one keeps goat, cattle, rabbit and dogs and also other animals in a house it will be good to him.
  75. If one keeps loft at the South or West walls it will be good.
  76. If one keeps electrical box at the SouthEast or NorthWest parts it will be good.
  77. If you keep heavy things at South or West parts it will be good.
  78. If there are higher constructions in the vacant places of South or West parts it will be good.
  79. As far as possible the East and the North parts must be in a lower level.
  80. If the road is in a higher level at the South or West entrances it will be good.
  81. The road at the East or North entrance must be in a lower level.
  82. The rest room must be at the East or North part of the house.
  83. One can keep flower pots on the South or West compound walls.
  84. One can setup drainage at East, North part of the vacant place near the house.
  85. One can park vehicles at the space facing East or North direction.
  86. If one lives in a vaastu method building there will not be any disease.
  87. If one lives in the NorthEast part he will get Government posts or jobs in the foreign countries.
  88. If one lives in a vaastu method house he will not convert himself to other religions.
  89. The rationalists or spiritualists must live in a vaastu covered house.
  90. According to Vastu Shastra constructing temple at Northeast is good, but needs to verify the place with vastu expert.
  91. If one does not keep tall construction or overhead tank in the NorthEast part of the building it will be good.
  92. The SouthEast part should not be high or lower level than the entire plot as per vastu.
  93. The NorthWest part also should not be in a high or lower level.
  94. If the East and NorthEast part facing a street it is good.
  95. In the same way the South or SouthEast street focus is good for living.
  96. In the same way the West or NorthWest street focus is good for living.
  97. In the same way in the SouthWest street focus plot, if there is a hospital it will be good.
  98. If one setup a business in connection with fire at the SouthEast part of the plot will be good.
  99. If there are broad streets at the East or North plots it will be good.
  100. If there is a narrow street facing South or West it will be good.
  101. It is good to keep the kitchen in the SouthEast or NorthWest of a room. As per Vastu first preference is given to SouthEast.
  102. In a building the NorthEast room or NorthEast part of the building should be weightless.
  103. In a NorthWest room the kitchen slab should be towards the West wall. We should cook facing in the West direction.
  104. Avoid keeping footwear and broomsticks at the NorthEast part of a room.
  105. If you want to have an extra kitchen outside the house avoid NorthEast, North and East directions of the empty place.
  106. For school going children’s it is good to keep their heads towards East and legs towards West at sleep. They will become brilliant.
  107. Those who are in service at police department, Home guard, Military should sleep keeping their heads towards West and legs towards East. This position would give them good effect.
  108. According to vastu shastra living in South or West facing plots will give good effects.
  109. In the houses in which the main entrance is facing at East and North, lighting of oil lamps at the main entrance will not give good effect.
  110. In the houses in which, the main entrances are fixed towards South and West, lighting oil lamps will give good effects.
  111. In the main entrance door, carving of flowers, figures of gods will give good effects, but avoid birds and animals.
  112. For a South facing house it is good to fix the main door and the main gate at South East.
  113. For East facing houses, fixing the main door and the main gate at North East is good.
  114. For North facing houses fixing the main door and the main gate at NorthEast is good.
  115. For an East facing house back door entrance will not give good effect.
  116. For a North facing house back door entrance will not give good effect.
  117. For a South facing house the back door entrance setup will give good effect.
  118. For the West facing house also it is good to fix back door entrance system.
  119. In the pooja room the god’s pictures should be fixed facing East or North.
  120. It is no good to have pooja room at the NorthEast room of the house.
  121. Making pooja room at the Niruthi (SouthWest) corner of a building will give good effect. (Not for House)
  122. Vaastu calculation will not go agree with the old manaiadi measurements / star powers as per ones birth time.
  123. There is no benefit if the pooja room is made in a building which is not in vaastu conditions.
  124. The pooja room fixed in a vaastu conditioned building the benefit will be double.
  125. For the plot which is facing Western direction of the road the main entrance facing North will give good effect.
  126. For the flat house also vaastu method of construction should be followed. Then only the inhabitants will be prosperous.
  127. If a well or bore well is dug at the direction of South, West, SouthWest it will affect badly and it will lead to sick and entry of evil spirits.
  128. When there is no water in a well or bore well which is at NorthEast, if we close it with mud it will give bad effects.
  129. The small parks infront of the house at South and West will not give good effects.
  130. The parks situated at the North or East direction will be good.
  131. Building a temple at the Niruthi (SouthWest) corner is good for an industry.
  132. It is good to have a single/double/triple folded doors for the main entrance of a house.
  133. In a vaastu defective building, there will be theft, fire accidents, sudden deaths etc.
  134. For the plot which is facing Eastern direction of the road the main entrance should be fixed at East, will give good effect.
  135. For the North road facing plot the main entrance should be at the North direction.
  136. For a plot facing the road should have main entrance at East.
  137. It is good to have small windows at the walls of South and West.
  138. According to Vastu Shastra big windows should be fixed at Northeast, East and North directions.
  139. The plot facing South, the big gate for the vehicle and the wicked gate should be fixed at the South East of the compound.
  140. For West facing plot, the big gate for vehicle and the small gate should be fixed at the North West part of the compound.
  141. For the North facing plot the big gate for the vehicles and the wicket gate should be fixed at the North East compound wall.
  142. For the East facing plot the big gate for vehicles and the wicket gate should be fixed at the NorthEast compound wall.
  143. Lofts should be built on the West and South walls of a building.
  144. If lofts built on the walls of East and North then they may create bad effects.
  145. As per Vastu Shastra the Attic / lofts should not be built on NorthEast corner wall.
  146. Planning lofts towards SouthWest corner is good idea.
  147. Lofts should be covered/decorated with plywood and decolam sheets.
  148. Proper cleaning of lofts are most important in the home, office, shops.
  149. If there is openable lofts are there, they should be cleaned properly once in a month atlEast, otherwise skin deceases may arises.
  150. If there is open lofts are there in an AC room then weekly or fortnight cleaning is mandatory, otherwise there is a chances to matrix of Asthma, bronchitis.
  151. If any resident wish to construct lofts for four walls then better to leave North and East walls or finally avoid East wall.
  152. From ground floor level to loft measurement should be atlEast 7+ feet is good.
  153. Avoid Lofts in NorthEast room is wise thought.
  154. If any body compulsory needs to create lofts for four walls then they may plan in SouthWest room.
  155. Again we are requesting proper cleaning of lofts are most important. In some areas loft is also called as Attic.
  156. If there is a huge and big loft at East then there is chances to face some problems in the home.
  157. Very big and huge loft towards West direction is good for the residents.
  158. Heavy weights should be keep in the home at SouthWest rooms.
  159. If you want to build a guest house near the empty place of your building it should be done at the direction of South, West or SouthWest part.
  160. In an empty plot, it will not give good effect, if you build a building at the NorthEast, SouthEast, NorthWest directions.
  161. In a pooja room, the electrical lamps are for beauty only but the oil lamps are only effective.
  162. At the time of meditations you should be facing at the East or NorthEast.
  163. To get good effect we should clear the North East room daily thrice a day by water.
  164. In an East facing house we should keep the foot wears at the left side of the house.
  165. In the West facing house we should keep the foot wears on the right side of the house.
  166. For the South facing house it is good to keep the foot wears at the left side of the house.
  167. It is good to build an extra room on the SouthWest part of the terrace and have a water tank on the extra room.
  168. It is no good if you build an extra room at the central part of NorthEast, NorthWest, SouthWest of the terrace.
  169. For school children the NorthEast room is good for their study.
  170. The NorthEast room should be ventilated, weightless.
  171. When you buy a plot, it should be lengthy wise at East and West or it should be a square one.
  172. It is good to close the top of the well and have two holes on the top.
  173. It is common in Southern regions to have a well at the Nairuthi corners. It will give bad effects.
  174. In a house the main gate at SouthWest (W) South, SouthWest (N) NorthWest (E) South East will give bad effects.
  175. When you start a new construction, for house pooja make a pit of 4x4’ at the NorthEast part of the plot and perform house pooja, it will give good effect.
  176. Performing house pooja at the center of the plot will not give good effect.
  177. In a house when you find more vaastu Defects if you take non-vegetarian food, it will reduce the evil effects of the bad vaastu.
  178. Counting the number of windows and doors are not important for a building. They should have been fixed as per vaastu condition.
  179. Some people like to have single/double pillars/rooms in a building. It is good to give importance for vaastu calculations.
  180. The vaastu conditioned structure of a staircase is very important for a house. But we need not give importance to the counting of steps of a staircase.
  181. It is not bad to grow a single tree in an empty area of the plot.
  182. As per vaastu all street effect will not give bad effect.
  183. The street effect of East, South East will give bad effects. The street effects of South, SouthWest will give bad effects.
  184. The street effects of Western-Southwest will give bad effects.
  185. North and NorthEast Street focus effects will always supports residents.
  186. Few vastu experts opinioned that street effect to the center of the plot will give good effect to business people.
  187. It is good to keep the Almirah facing at the North or East direction.
  188. When we build our houses they should not be attached to the buildings which are at the direction of North and East.
  189. When we make building there should not be gap at the South, West and NorthEast directions.
  190. If the sick people modify their houses as per Vaasthu, they will be recovered soon and they will lead a healthy life in future.
  191. For South facing main door, it should be fixed at the left side of the door post when we stand in front of the home.
  192. For the West facing main door, it should be fixed at the right side of the door post when we stand in front of the home.
  193. For the East facing main door, the door should be fixed at the left side of the door post when we stand in front of the home.
  194. For the North Facing, the door should be fixed at the right side of the door post when we stand in front of the home.
  195. There should not be burial yard towards North East, North, East of our house. This will not give good effect. (Please read point number 32 in this page regarding burial ground or grave yard.)
  196. In our living area the water sources of river, tank, lakes are available at the directions of South, West SouthWest will not give good effect.
  197. In our living area, the mountains, hills, sand hills are available at the North, Northeast, East it will not give prosperous life to the inhabitants.
  198. When we buy a plot/house we execute on a auspicious day. This will give good effect and benefit to the buying people not for selling.
  199. According to vastu when we build two homes in a plot there should be gap between them, then only it is good.

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+1 8 Constructing Home near to the burial groundSusheel 2017-12-12 02:07
Dear sir I stay in a small town of Karnataka India where I bought a property very next too barial ground compound it's 1200 sqft without any prior knowledge about vastu I spent all my hardly earned money the site contains two roads one is north face 25 ft road and south face 30 ft road which is also a entrance road for barial ground. Dear sir please suggest me will it be problem of constructing a house near barial ground compound I hence I have some 25 neibours r there who constructed houses in some 50 ft distance. Please suggest me will be thank full throught my life. Some vastu adviser said not to build house and sell it of for the price which ever comes but I have spent all my hard earned money of my hole family. Expecting your valuable suggestions reffer me Parihars if any thank you so much will be waiting for your replay.
0 7 BramhastanRakesh 2016-11-11 12:06
I have pillar in bramahastana, please suggest any remedies as I am worried.
+1 6 land vasthuvarma 2015-12-02 11:52
i have land in my village ..the land is faceing to words north (road ) north east entrance gate ..my home faceing side is east ...my land is not in square shap ..(north west is cut space ) north side 95 feet south place is 144 feet east side is 624 ...slightly lower north east 632 west side ..can u give me good ramedy hiw to set theland ..
+1 5 lost vasthugugan 2015-07-18 01:47
I want to place a loft in my north facing bedroom and kitchen and one east facing shop. In my own house
+5 4 middle of south facing main doorskanade 2015-06-11 11:07
sir presently i am living in south facing flat but there is ms grill in front of the south facing door and this grill turn the door in west direction in additional part of the house where we remove our shoe and a shoe rack where everyone remove there shoes. i am not facing any problem in this flat but before me a family facing lots of problem in there relations so please guide me what to do kitchan is north east corner wc and bath room middle of the east master bed room south east hall south west kitchen in north east and child bedroom in north west
+1 3 I want to keep pair of rabbits in housedolly chourasiy 2015-06-01 08:35
I want to keep pair of rabbits in house. Is it good sign or bad sign??

Is any place to keep in direction??/
+15 2 Rabbit in Houseajay nerurkar 2014-12-05 03:58
I want to keep pair of rabbits in house. Is it good sign or bad sign?? ...

Is any place to keep in direction??/
+3 1 Vastu General Tips | Vaastu Shastra Tip | Other ThingsTrinidad 2014-06-22 02:27
You are the most valuable person on this world, i did not find any restrctions to browse the entire website, wow, how greatful services. good luck
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